...The flame haired Whirlwind with the Electric Grin, is an independent showgirl and producer who has her hips and hands in a myriad of art and entertainment ventures. Known for her spunky energy and mega watt smile, she has toured extensively across the USA and beyond. Highlights include a tour across Australia with the renowned Pretty Things Peepshow, headlining the Gangster's Ball 2013, VIP Gala performances at the London Burlesque Festival 2016, appearances at the 2017 Toulouse Burlesque Festival (France), the Ibiza Burlesque Festival (Spain) and competing at the 4th Annual Amsterdam Burlesque Award. In 2015, she co-founded Luxotica Lounge Cabaret, an internationally touring, tropical cocktail of showbiz delights. She is the producer of Shimmy Shack Burlesque, est. 2009, featuring a rotating cast of live bands and traveling entertainers. Miss Audacious is the founder of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Grand Rapids, Michigan.  As CEO of Audacious Hoops hula hoop company she has brought hoop dance to the forefront in her home state and has become the darling of local news media. Miss Audacious also regularly works her magic with other productions throughout the USA. She is a published model and has enjoyed multi-media work in independent films and commercials. Vivacious Miss Audacious began her burlesque career in 2005, and cut her teeth while getting weird throughout Michigan and across North America engaging in neo-performance art burlesque. She was one of the early modern variety performers to pair hooping with burlesque and loves to showcase her unique brand of vibrant hoop dance, acrobatics and circus arts with a mix of comedy, fierce striptease and glamour. 

Notable festivals, shows and guest star spots include:

Best of Midwest Burlesk Fest 2009

The Boston Burlesque Exposition 2009

Windy City Burlesque Festival 2010/ 2016

Gangster's Ball (Australia): Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane 2013

Michigan Burlesque Festival 2015

London Burlesque Festival 2016

Marathong (Seattle) 2016

Toulouse Burlesque Festival (France) 2017

Bayou City Burlesque & Circus Arts Festival 2017/ 2018

Show-Me Burlesque Festival 2017/ 2018/ 2019

Ibiza Burlesque Festival (Spain) 2017

Amsterdam Burlesque Awards 2017

Titty 500  2016/ 2017

The Croatian Burlesque & Cabaret Festival 2018

Dead Man's Carnival, WI

Grab My Junk Tour, MI

Pretty Things Peepshow, USA/ Australia 

Sin-Fully Yours Tour, MI

Vaudezilla's Broadzilla, Chicago

The Damned Show, Detroit

Caliente un Burlesco Latino, Chicago 

Kiss Kiss Cabaret, Chicago

MoPop Festival, MI

Founder's Festival, MI

Strange For Hire, NYC

Times Scare NYC

Coney Island USA, NYC

Slipper Room, NYC

Bizarre Bushwick, NYC 

Bootleg Bombshells, Los Angeles

Bella's Blue Book Cabaret, NOLA

Bella Blue's Whiskey & Rhinestones, NOLA

Vixens & Vinyl, NOLA

Burlesque Ballroom, NOLA

Unbridled at Untitled, Chicago 

Bovine Sex Club, Toronto

Cherry Cola's Sinful Sundays, Toronto

Lunacy Cabaret, Toronto

Nerd Girl Burlesque, Toronto 

House of Blues Chicago's Foundation Cabaret 

Rocket Doll Revue, Indianapolis


Satanic Panic, Chicago

FrontRow Paul's Burlesque Bonanza

Hag's Roadhouse

Oni Con, TX


and even a live stage production of Richard Elfman's "The Forbidden Zone" featuring Elfman himself.