Class and workshop bookings are available for public events, burlesque schools, private parties, troupe enrichment, as one-one-one sessions and more.

Rates vary based on location and class.

Book a skype or a phone session: $60/hour - you may include 1 friend for the same price.

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Vivacious Miss Audacious

EVENT PRODUCTION: Success & Sanity in Showbuisness​ 

GLAMAZON: a Stage Makeup Intensive ​ 

Book a one-on-one private coaching session to add some sizzle to your sparkle for all levels of experience from burlesque hopefuls to road warriors. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Act coaching
  • Building a repertoire
  • Tour management
  • Event production
  • Evolving your earning potential
  • Demystifying tipping
  • Surviving tour life
  • Taking your show to the next level
  • Navigating showbiz life
  • Marketing
  • Building an electronic press kit
  • Cold calling
  • And so much more!

#TourLife! Does the glamorous life of traveling showbiz put a twinkle in your eye? Learn the hard won, behind the scenes methods of getting booked and getting out of town from burlesque professional, Vivacious Miss Audacious. With 14 years experience on the stage, and nearly a decade of non-stop touring under her belt, she has made a career of touring far and wide. From solo excursions to international tour management, she's done it all and has a bevy of burlesque business tips to get your engines revved!

Learn in-depth methods to the madness of event production. This comprehensive class covers every aspect of showbusiness, from securing a venue, mastering the art of promotion, packing the house, curating a killer set list to wrangling your entertainment crew. And, most importantly, manifesting the money you deserve. Vivacious Miss Audacious has a decade of event production experience under her shimmy belt from local productions and national tours to international jaunts and will give you the tools to find success within a challenging industry. 

TOUR LIFE: a Showbo's Primer on Getting Booked & Out of Town​ 

Learn bombshell stage makeup techniques for fabulous nights and glamorous days! Showbiz veteran Vivacious Miss Audacious shares her favorite methods and go-to products for achieving a professional burlesque look perfect for the stage, special events or every day. Explore eye-popping shadow styles, tricks to sculpting killer brows, master false eyelash application, discover how to keep your pout perfect all night, dive into glitter techniques and more! ** All genders welcome!



"This woman is a freakin powerhouse! She is generous, hilarious, creative, and a badass businesswoman to boot. Miss Audacious sets a wonderful example of how to build each other up, embrace silliness, and conduct successful business in this industry. Thank you for being you and for being an inspiration to me and many others <3"
-BurlyCute: Anonymous Burlesque & Variety Community Love Letters

"Woweeeee, what an AMAZING conversation with Vivacious Miss Audacious about burlesque producing, marketing and so much more! Y’all need to hire this epic woman to consult your shows, because she has 10 years of show producing and tour management experience under her belt and is DOING THE DAMN THING."
-Foxie La Fleur